What type of personalized clothing tag to choose?

Being a garment specialist for 14 years, our company offers different types of clothing tags, adapted to your needs. All your tags can be personalize with the name and first name of your child (for nursery school, primary school, nursery, summer camps, football and basketball teams etc.) or people living in communities (retirement homes, nursing homes, boarding schools, etc.). Are you hesitating between custom iron-on, self-adhesive or sew-on tag to mark clothes? Here are some of the main characteristics:

Iron-on clothing tags: the installation of these custom woven labels is simple, fast and durable. You just have to place the tag on your garment (in the collar of a T-shirt for example) or on your fabric, cover it with the protective sheet (supplied with your personalized tags), then using your iron, press for 8 seconds. Once properly applied, the holding of your clothing tag is guaranteed for 10 years. These tags are recommended for various uses for the marking of the kit. Two formats are available for this type of clothing tag: a long and rounded “classic” tag format or a “rectangular” format. You can easily personalize the tags with a first and last name to avoid losses and exchanges.

The benefits of these tags? They will stick to any type of fabric (which obviously resists ironing): their hold is guaranteed on cotton but also wool. You will be able to identify sweaters but also hats, gloves, scarves, socks, and generally all the outfits of young and old who risk being lost outside the household.

Self-adhesive tags: ironing is not your hobby? Self-adhesive clothing tags are made for you! To stick as a simple sticker, on the brand label or the composition label, they are resistant to passages in the washing machine and dryer. You can personalize them with a first and last name as well as a nice pattern. Resistant to many washes, however, they remain removable to facilitate the donation or sale of clothing. Self-adhesive tags fit exclusively on the garment’s thread count or brand labels. They cannot be glued directly to the fabric, except for synthetic fabrics such as K-way, swimsuits, etc.

Another benefit is their shape! Sold in packages of 10, they come in 4 different shapes, to stick according to the shape of the garment label. Long, square, rectangular, round, each label will find the shape that suits it best.

Sock tags:  to mark and find your socks! Nothing could be easier with our iron-on tags specially adapted to socks. They allow you to easily identify the owner by entering the initials of the person’s first and last name, but also to quickly reconstitute the pairs of socks. These labels are applied in the same way as for iron-on clothing labels: using an iron.

Sew-on tags in fabric: The big sisters of our iron-on and self-adhesive labels, the sew-on labels are ideal for marking clothes, soft toys or the most delicate fabrics or textile confections. Our sew-on tags are in white satin, they offer the same personalization as iron-on or self-adhesive clothing tags.

These sew-on clothing tags are hot-cut, so they won’t fray! They are printed with 0% solvent inks. 

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